Why not make limoncello? It’s pips!

by Mark Breen 12 May 2013

Got 20 minutes to kill? Some good unwaxed lemons? And a bottle of vodka (or other grain spirit)? Why not make limoncello?

It’s really easy, all you need is 4 or 5 unwaxed lemons, I use Amalfi lemons, but you could use Sorrento or Meyer lemons. Basically any that are organic, unwaxed with a thick skin. You don’t want to get any white pith in there as you pare the zest from all the lemons.

Ideally you will have a nice big jar, but I make mine in a big and clean Robinson’s bottle, as long as it is clear and you can seal it then it should be fine. Put the zest in the jar or bottle and top up with 1 litre of vodka (or another grain alchohol).

Put the bottle or jar on a window ledge and shake it every day for a week.

After one week mix 700g of caster sugar with 600ml of boiling water to make a syrup. Pour this into the jar or bottle with the vodka and lemon zest. Then leave for one more week shaking occasionally. Now it’s ready to drink.

Chill the limoncello and drink it with friends during the (hopefully) warm evenings coming up, and use some in Italian recipes such as limoncello & raspberry semi-freddo or duck in limoncello.